Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Finding my way through the writing wood...

There are so many ‘How To’ articles for all things in life (or so it seems). For writing in particular there are blogs and articles, self-help books and writing tip hashtags – everyone, everywhere appears to have found the answer. This post is not about me offering suggestions on how to write, when to write, what (or what not) to write. This post is about me sharing my own recent experiences after having lost my way creatively.

If anyone ever says that writing is easy, they haven’t been at it long enough to know what’s around the corner. At some point, often several times, a writer will struggle to find words. More importantly, they may struggle to find time to write those words. In modern society there are numerous distractions, interruptions and consequences that repeatedly vie for our attention. It can be difficult, as a creative, to shut these out or walk away.