Monday, October 12, 2015

The Inward Spiral

Autumn, for me, is about turning inwards. We coil from the cold, withdrawing inside for longer periods to escape the weather and the ever-increasing darkness. Longer evenings, curled in the warmth of our homes provide ample opportunity for reflection. Hence the introspection. There is time to contemplate our life path, to make promises to ourselves for things we wish to achieve in the coming new year, when the spiral begins anew. Since the spring the spiral of life has lurched outwards, flinging light and inspiration into the world until the fullness of summer. Replete from the bounty, the spiral began its inward turn and is now leading us towards winter.

With the sun's weakening heat comes the turning of the leaves. As though emulating the colours of sunrise, midday and sunset trees burn with gold, amber and garnet. These warm tones resonate with us, deceiving us that winter is on its way, despite cooler winds and crisp mornings. For a while longer we feel the glow. Then, as leaves begin to fall, fragile jewels floating to the ground, so our thoughts descend with them. Ideas and inspiration spiral down like sycamore seeds; we spin with them, thoughts turning and turning. For me, this turning cycle becomes the solitude and inspiration I require for writing. I do most of my writing at this time, emerging at spring refreshed from a winter of quiet creativity.


What does autumn mean to you?

When do you feel most inspired to write?

What promises would you make for yourself for the new year at this time?


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  1. Autumn is always a sad time for me - it's when the turning of the seasons makes me itchy under my skin and I feel a physical sadness. It's also the time when children return to school, older children return to university, and I go back to work. My birthday is right at the end of the summer too - so it's "Summer's over, I'm another year older". September brings new year resolutions; a promise with the start of the new academic year to be better organised, and the challenge, usually, of a new writing project. Autumn is the time when nature is at its most flamboyant, like a small child, dancing and showing off just before bedtime.

  2. Thank you so much for your thoughts Annie. I love how you describe Autumn as a flamboyant child! It does indeed possess that carefree element, especially when the wind lifts falling leaves into mini tornadoes of bright colours!

    It's interesting to see someone else's view of this bridge between Summer and Winter. In fact, it would be fun to know how people feel about each quarter of the year. I may have to explore that in another post!

    As for resolutions, I would have to agree with you - I need to be better organised!

  3. Autumn is serious writing time - the threshold of winter when this early bird looks forward to waking in the dark! I do my best work during autumn. And it's my favourite time for walking. The child in me still adores kicking up piles of leaves!

    1. Ahh, you are another winter scribbler then Carol! I don't enjoy the dark mornings as I have to go out in them and the traffic is busy, but the short hours of daylight galvanise me to focus.