Thursday, October 27, 2016

Inspiratioinal Tours Part #2 - Cotswold Lavender Fields

View from the car park

Inspiration can take many forms and be found in many places. My latest came this summer from the Cotswold Lavender Fields in Broadway, Worcestershire, UK. How can you fail to be inspired by a sea of lavender and wild flower meadows, set upon the brow of a hill deep in the Cotswold countryside? I left thoroughly inspired and exceptionally relaxed!

Coined 'the home of lavender growing' and at 1,000 feet above sea level, the third generation family farm commands breath-taking views of the Vale of Evesham. A stunning 450,000 plants occupy the limestone hill, containing over 35 varieties of lavender.


The farm has its own distillery where it extracts the essential oil from the plants using steam. The oil is then added to their own, British-made toiletry and gift products. You can inhale, wash and even eat lavender produce (the chocolate is potent, but amazing).

They have a fine tea room where you can partake in lavender Earl Grey tea and scones delicately flavoured with dried lavender flowers. There's (almost) something for everyone, providing of course you love lavender! I'd certainly recommend it for a good walk in lavender-infused fresh air, followed by some deserving naughties in the tea room. Go on, treat yourself.

Lavender Scone
Check out their extensive website, where you can buy most of their lavender merchandise online and learn about the health benefits and culinary delights of lavender! It will whet your appetites while you wait for the new season of lavender to begin in 2017 (the fields closed for this year on 7th August 2016).

I'll be back soon with more Inspirational Tours from my 2016 travels. Until then, bright blessings!



  1. Wonderful post! A return is needed next summer :D

  2. I have been dying to get to a lavender farm in the UK, but the timing is never right. Thanks for sharing your visit.