Friday, October 23, 2015

#luckyseven - excerpt from Wolf Spear Saga: 2

I have been tagged in the #luckyseven meme by Battle Scars series author Charlene Newcomb. She is knee-deep in editing 'For King and Country', but was eager to share a taster and invited 7 of us to join in. Thanks Charlene!

I'm working on my second novel in the 'Wolf Spear Saga' series. It is the sequel to 'WULFSUNA' and set 27 years after Book 1. Life in Wulfgarsaetan has been settled for a few years, but there are stirrings of discontent. Instigated by Hengist's growing kingdom in the south-east, the Wealisc are once more harassing the Wulfsuna and it is rumoured their long-time Angle rivals Tha Eforas are hungry for war. Here, we find the Wulfsuna out on a peace-keeping mission in Wealisc territory, hoping to secure some allies...

In a low voice Beortgar said theatrically, “Deep into the land of the Silures...” As he chuckled at his own humour, Wulfsieg glared at him, for now was not the time for revelry. Beortgar rubbed a forearm across his mouth and whispered, “Sorry. I heard old Heahstan say that once in the Great Hall.”

            As Wulfsieg turned back to review their situation, he caught Ianbert beside him, grinning. His thegn leaned over, winking.

“Bit of his father coming through.”

“Give your name!”

            The call from behind the gates sent a hush through the Wolf Sons. Ianbert shook his head at Wulfsieg, who chose to ignore him and gestured to Ealdorman Osmund.


So, now it's time to name a few more of you. Here are the rules:-
  • Go to a page ending in a 7 in your current manuscript
  • Go to line 7
  • Post the next 7 lines or sentences - as they are - on your blog or on Facebook
  • Tag 7 other people to do the same!
I nominate: Wendy PercivalS J A TurneyA A AbbottDeborah FoulkesLucienne BoyceAnnie Whitehead and Stephen Oram

~ ~ ~

Blood, betrayal and brotherhood.
An ancient saga is weaving their destiny.
A treacherous rival threatens their fate.
A Seer's magic may be all that can save them.

Wolf Spear Saga: 2 - coming 2016

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