Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Are You a Quirky Tapestry?

I get carried away...often.  Banish images of a damsel in the arms of a white knight.  I’m talking about excitement, enthusiasm, joie de vivre!  It can take a while.  Many a party have I attended and spent mindless hours listening to talk of surveying contracts, annual report and accounts, print runs and the like (such is my diverse past employment).  However, now and again something crops up and ‘BANG!’  My ears prick up, like a young filly breathless for the gun at the racecourse, and I’m off.  Impressionism, foreign languages, feline welfare, Anglo-Saxons, short crust pastry, aromatherapy and other varied topics of which I am a Jack of.
Recently I have been considering of what I am Master of.  I decided I was Master of not a lot.  Then of course the depression set in as I worried how I could attain a Masterly level of ‘something’.  After several hours scouring the pages of Open University and trying to build myself four years of theses and homework, I stopped.  I sat back.  I thought awhile.  All was not lost.  Was it so bad that I had a varied and interesting life, which had brought me myriad titbits of useful (and sometimes useless) knowledge?  I concluded it was not.  If I were a Master of one sole topic, I would lose the eccentricity and quirkiness that my complicated tapestry had brought me.  I relaxed.  I smiled.  All hale the quirky tapestry!

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