Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Leaf...

For all the portent and mystery 2012 brought with it, the year seems to have been a melange of strife and success for many; as though counter-balancing itself day by day.  As we approached and passed the winter solstice, our futures balancing on the horizon; that precipice of opportunity and creative expression, how many of us wondered where our journeys would take us?  I, for one, was grateful to have found more time to write and complete the rewrite my editor recommended.  The next exciting venture is to finally have office space to dedicate solely to my writing, rather than hot-desking around the house!

For me at least, 2013 holds the portent of a new spring in writing terms.  Like new shoots breaking through the soil, I envisage writers emerging, clutching their works of art in hopeful hands.  Palms will spread wide and release the wonder into the universe, to fly to all corners of the earth in a multitude of forms.  We writers should provide the nourishment in words, in emotion and excitement to capture both new and existing eyes, eager to feed on our tales.  This is my dream as I go in search of worthy literary agents who will love my work as much as I do, who will share in the mystery of the sagas.

It is such an exciting time in publishing with so many new avenues in which readers can connect to literature.  I believe we can embrace the technology, providing we remain mindful of retaining our rights.  Ideas such as micropublishing and serializations will bring books to ‘smart’ users who prefer to read electronically, as well as providing stimulation to magazines, thereby reaching further audiences.  Whether we are techno-prone or steadfast printed book people, we cannot deny the technology has hooked a large percentage of our readers.  This is the year of ‘doing’ and ‘being’.  Let’s get to it!

With special mention to Tom Chalmers of IPR License plus Hamish McKenzie and ‘Seven publishing trends that will define 2013’.


  1. Great sentiment & flash of enthusiasm to start us all off as we mean to go on :D