Monday, January 16, 2012

All Time

For Summer’s warm embrace we await,
Spiralling in and out, not yet awake,
For mere mortals here are we,
No strangers, but visitors to this land
And carefully tread we must till
Some Divinity does take us by the hand.
Then into some warm and nestled place
We will be led,
By Them, unto our immortal bed.
For now the Spring of life is with us still.
Grasp it fiercely, one and all for it will,
By some fair grace to that we cannot see,
Keep us from harm and that which pales our light.
Through the meadows of your open mind
See the sun and moon and let your Dreams take flight.
For now is the ‘coming faster than you can see’ in front and behind.
Now is the moment of ALL time.

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