Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Biting the Langseax...

It's finally arrived; the fated moment when I realised I could do no more redrafting and my first of a trilogy was ready to wend its way to agents.  Heaving a deep sigh, I have begun the task of printing what must constitute half a forest.  Not as many agents accept electronic submissions as I thought, but several will retain your MSS for shredding and recycling, which acts as a bonus.

I'm a little sad, although you imagine I would be elated, but I was enjoying the Fifth Century.  However I need to bite the langseax now and enter the Ninth Century to redraft my second novel.  It's not so bad, I tell myself, watching pages of hard work roll off the printer.  There are more battles in the next book and a big boat full of Vikings!

I am, though, very proud of myself for having maintained a personal and rigid deadline for submitting my work.  The New Year has begun as I intended and I know 2012 is the year when dreams will be realised.  Hard work never ends; writing never ends.  I love it too much ;D

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