Thursday, February 23, 2012


It’s been a long process but I am finally ‘there’, by which I mean I am ‘here’, that is to say I have arrived at a pre-disposed point, which I had set as a personal goal.  In plain English, my first novel in a trilogy is complete and has been submitted to a literary agent.
Having begun the trilogy in 2009, it feels an age since I first put pen to paper and delved into the creation of a story that spans seven centuries.  No mean feat, some may say, oh but it was!  Not content to remain in the fifth century, having researched the departure of the Romans from Britain and the arrivals of the Saxons to our shores, I allowed the story to lead me on.  The second novel leapt into the ninth century pitting Saxons against Vikings and the third finds my hero knee deep in Danes, with the Normans a mere sneeze away across the Channel.

However, I cannot allow you to believe it has been some kind of trial for me.  I have loved every single nano-second.  Challenge upon challenge arose that I relished, with several coffees as well as cake and chocolate life-savers!  My factual library has expanded, as has my own knowledge.  It has left me with a hunger for more; to forge ahead and taste further wonders, discover more flavours of the past.  Notes for trilogy number two have already taken over a folder on my computer.  What can I say except, in the words of my city’s fair motto – Forward!


  1. Well done, that's brilliant and shows such strong discipline. And the fact you've enjoyed all of it is great. It's easy for writing to become a chore and when there's no love in it projects soon get abandoned. Good luck with the submission

  2. Thanks ever so for the comment, Richard. Yes, discipline is hard to maintain sometimes, but keeping the enthusiasm means the ball keeps moving!