Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Contentment is...

          Sometimes the simplest things can be the hardest to achieve.  Hours, days or weeks pass, for some maybe even months, with nothing; a wordless page, an empty document, a mind void of inspiration and full of hesitation.  For me it was four weeks; four weeks of numbing dead space inside my cranium.  I had been steaming ahead with editing my second book in my trilogy, boldly confident that I would soon be back to writing the rest of book three in no time at all.  I was wrong.
          Two illnesses in four weeks grounded me, with no energy to lift my head let alone a pencil or a finger to write.  Frustration overcame me and I was filled with discontent.  I did all I could do, which was to heal myself as quickly as nature would allow.  Suddenly, the thought of editing book two became a chore to loathe and I took the unsung advice of spirit and rested.  When I was well again, I knitted, I read, I baked and slept well.

          This week, having had no news from my first submission to agents after their customary waiting period, I returned to my first book and set about evaluating it with fresh eyes and mind.  It worked!  From somewhere deep inside I pulled the rabbit from the proverbial hat and, with scathing hand, sculpted the start of my trilogy into a tighter and better paced story.  Confidence finds me again, windswept on that creative headland, words rushing past my ears and a sea of opportunity lashing the edited rocks beneath.  I am content.

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