Wednesday, April 11, 2012


          It is interesting to know what writers were before they were writers.  For most of us, we have taken a long and winding journey before destiny found us and handed us the golden pen of creation.  Even those of us lucky enough to have been scribing since a young age, have always come by way of another route.  Often the way of the writer is a never-ending twisted and gnarled path of trials and tribulations, with occasional high notes and flat plains of free sailing.
          I, for instance, came by way of several office jobs, the latter few within the building surveying industry.  I am so grateful for learning what a pile and a snot are!  Then I dived into self-employment.  I sold hand-made bags made from recycled fabrics, which refreshed my sewing skills and gave me sales knowledge.  Finally, I trained to become an Aromatherapist; twelve months spending my nights massaging fellow pupils and writing projects on Anatomy & Physiology, as well as the properties of over 30 essential oils from around the world.

          It is this varied background, I believe, that creates writers with a unique slant on the world around them.  I have used my oil knowledge throughout my trilogy and find the A&P greatly assists me in designing battle wounds.  It fascinates me to learn who people were before they were able to nurture and birth the writer inside of them into a fully fledged working model.  Who were you before you reached writer-hood and how has it shaped your work?

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  1. I came by way of a neighbouring system within the galaxy & after seeing ET aged five, knew I was meant to do something inspiring. I embraced my weirdness, wrote lots and after school, rattled around in a few office jobs, whilst honing my craft.

    I became a mother and Reiki Master within a few years of each other and spent most of my 20s improving upon my healing practises and meditation. Now my children are both entering school, I'm turning my focus to my writing as a career, where I hope to fill the world with a sense of wonder. The ooh factor, of possibilities, if you will :D