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'Meet My Main Character' - a blog hop

Another blog hop! I do love doing these and reading everyone else's 'hops'. It's so interesting to see what other writers are up to and glean an insight into their writing world. This time I've been tagged by a fellow Dark Ages author Matthew Harffy. Matthew is currently writing a series of novels set in Seventh Century Northumbria, the first of these being 'The Serpent Sword'. You can read all about his main character in his blog hop here

As for me, come and meet my main character WULFGAR OF SACHSEN:-

1.      What is the name of your character? Is he/she a fictional or historical figure/person?
My character is called Wulfgar of Sachsen and he is a fictional character. Reading up on the period, I learnt about Germanic mercenaries in the Roman army known as ‘Limitanei’. This inspired my creation of the Wulfsuna tribe, or ‘wolf sons’. With a substantial gap in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle entries after Rome’s departure and the arrival of Hengest and Horsa, I was drawn to fill in the gap myself. Those who had served Rome for the statutory 20-25 years would have retired from service. Without the Empire to provide work, many would have sought it elsewhere. Likewise, I imagined some would have wanted to return to their homeland or else settle down with families they had already made on the isle. As the son of a tribal Lord who did return to Germania to raise his family, Wulfgar is along for the ride at the whim of his father’s dream - to unite two halves of the Wulfsuna.

2.      When and where is the story set?
It is early Summer AD433. The story begins aboard the Hildwaeg sailing the Germanic ocean towards the west coast of Brython (Britain), into what is today known as the ‘Wash’ above Norfolk. They sail up the River Wimme (now Witham) to the partially deserted fort at Lindum (Lincoln) and travel the Fosse Way and Watling Street, towards a harbour market on the west coast. Circumstances draw them back up the Fosse towards Gloui Ceastre (Gloucester) and a fictional village over the Welsh border called Prenhwychas.

3.      What should we know about him/her?
He is young and a bit of a rebel. He despises the staid way of his father and other tribe elders. He hides sensitivity and vulnerability behind bravado and his quick temper is fuelled by his fears. He is immensely proud, his pride often becoming stubbornness, which leads to conflict. His inability to relate to his father and other elders means he relies heavily on his relationship with his lifelong best friend Sieghild, whom he regards as a brother. Wulfgar’s dependency on Sieghild in all aspects of his life will eventually be his undoing.

4.      What is the main conflict? What messes up his/her life?
Once in Britain, blood and betrayal soon find them. Riddled with grief and unsettled at inheriting a responsibility he does not feel he is ready for, Wulfgar turns inward. Festering in a silent fury, Wulfgar is angry though trapped by his own emotions as he watches Sieghild assume a role he should be doing. With an old enemy on their heels and the insecurities of travelling with Brythonic wolf sons whom they do not know well, Wulfgar must lead the Wulfsuna across an unknown country. The discovery of a young female Seer on the roadside adds further strain to Wulfgar and Sieghild’s brother-bond. One is curious about the ‘river witch’, whilst another fears the ‘Nyx’ is a lure sent by the enemy to trap them. Further loss and betrayal along the way ignite a furnace of fear and anger in Wulfgar that only one person can extinguish.

5.      What is the personal goal of the character?
Too young and free to have had any personal ambitions above adventure and women, Wulfgar presses on with the tribe’s initial intention to reunite the Wulfsuna and find settlement together. This becomes an inner battle for Wulfgar, who eventually succumbs to his want for revenge, dragging the Wulfsuna in search of the enemy.

6.      Is there a working title for this novel and can we read more about it?
My novel is the first of three stories in my ‘Wolf Spear Saga’ series and is entitled ‘Wulfsuna – Blood, Betrayal & Brotherhood’. I’m hoping to share some exciting news about publication very soon, so watch this space: the Wolf Sons are coming!

There's more! Here are some more writers I have tagged for the blog hop who will be revealing their main characters next week:-

Deborah.C.Foulkes, author of 'The Boleyn Effect' reveals a little of herself here:
I'm from North Yorkshire living under the shadow of a medieval abbey. I use the building as a centre to create a fantasy world about Gods,Angels and Demons. I am heavily influenced by the Brothers Grimm, Stephen King and James Herbert. History is a passion of mine and after doing my dissertation I have an passion for the Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins and anything Roman and Viking. I  live with my daughter who has an uncanny ability to talk to animals and my neurotic cat.

You can find her website here:

Simon Turney is a historian and writer of Roman and medieval historical fiction, as well as the occasional fantasy work. His love of antiquity and travel has combined with his only worthwhile talent to produce three series so far, with two more in the works. Simon lives in rural northern England, where he finds it easy to procrastinate.

You can find his website here

Rachael Lucas writes and talks about writing. She is Scottish and lives in Southport, England. She likes baths and once ran a marathon. Her debut novel 'Sealed with a Kiss' is out now with Pan Macmillan. You can view her website here:

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